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Colab: That Keeper Boy by TallmanCreations Colab: That Keeper Boy by TallmanCreations

I did not draw or ink this I only colored it.

Drawing belongs to: :icondemonsfearme:

This was her submission to a contest I held for Earthen Ring members. I have gotten permission from the artist to post this into my gallery to share.

Basically I don't really upload colabs anymore but I have gotten a few notes that people wish to see the drawing completed that was in my stream from this week. AND HE IS SO DAMN PRETTY!

Basically how this came about is that I had a contest to draw a Dryad or Keeper of the Grove from WoW for Earthen Ring players. This particular entry was very creative as she stepped outside her comfort zone and drew a more effeminate slender male. Basically she challenged herself within the challenge, which I really admired. So in turn I chose two winners of the contest this one being the second. I tackled coloring this piece coming from the perspective that this particular Keeper had not matured yet.

Keeper of the Grove Blizzard
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November 19, 2012
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